Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's Carving Time!

    For some reason I feel like October has been so busy!  DFH and I almost need to calendar in time to see each other with all of our plans.  We have been looking forward to carving pumpkins/ baking the seeds YUM!!! So we "calendared" carving night to be on Monday haha!

  Last year we carved collegiate pumpkins:

DFH carved West Virginia University

I carved Elon ( including the Phoenix mascot haha!)

   We are trying to decide what to carve this year, I have always thought it would be funny to do the vomiting pumpkin surrounded by empty beer cans/liquor bottles:

I found some amazing carving ideas on Pinterest:




Which is your favorite?

Also I just found an Old Bay pumpkin seed recipe and cannot wait to try it!!! Sounds delicious!!!

I'll report back!


  1. Yum Old Bay Pumpkin seeds! Sounds delicious! I love the monogramed letter pumpkins! Adorable. I cannot wait next week when I visit Mark we are carving pumpkins!

  2. those pumpkin creations are amazing!

  3. Ohhhh my gosh I love the pumpkins with monograms! Soooo adorable! AND so glad you love the Madee dress. Just email me if you want to order one. Now that we know your measurements it should be easy!

  4. I just might have to try to make pumpkin seeds this year with Old Bay.