Monday, October 10, 2011

What SUITS you?

   One negative thing about my job is having to wear suits everyday.  So many women's suits can be so boring and come in drab colors, and it is hard to show your fashion personality. 

  Elle Woods had it right in her pink tweed suit, but I don't know if other Attorneys would take me seriously if I was wearing this. 

     I have found that Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, and Ann Taylor Loft have a lot of good work and suit options that are professional, but also fashionable.   They also have a lot of sales and great outlets which help keep my work clothes reasonably priced.  It is never as fun to spend money on work clothes as it is for leisure clothes, but I try to find pieces/accessories that work for both. 

 I love this Banana Republic Twist Neck dress, the neckline has a little flair and it can easily be paired with a solid or pattern colored jacket, like the Ann Taylor Loft Harvest Tweed Jacket seen below, which makes the outfit professional but fun. 

I also like to add some flair to my suits by adding some fun chunky jewelry

Loft Chunky Gem and Ring Necklace

This Kate Spade Lynx Necklace would really add some color to a plain navy suit.

           I also like to match a fun pattern blouse under suits to add personality, this one is from Ann Taylor

or find suit pieces that have fun buttons

or unique accents in the structure like this Ann Taylor sharkskin suit. 

What do you do to add personality to your work wardrobe?


  1. Jewelry is always a go to for my wardrobe. By adding a great statement necklace is instantly took my wardrobe to the next level! These are some great finds! Love Banana and anne taylor!

  2. Zara has a bunch of really cute blazers that could work for work and play!

  3. Those are some great finds! Love the Jacket! I've never had to wear suits to work being a social worker, but it seems like it could get expensive. Outlets are def the way to go!