Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Leaf Peeping and Good Company

Leaf peeping: is an informal term, commonly used in the United States, for people who travel to view and photograph the fall foliage.- Wikipedia

   A few weeks ago DFH and I spent a weekend in the beautiful Adirondacks visiting my grandparents.  It happened to be prime "leaf peeping" season, and the Adirondack Mountains are a prime location to see gorgeous fall foliage. 

    Unfortunately the weather was not on our side that weekend, but we had a wonderful time with my grandparents, shopping, drinking, eating, having great conversation, and exploring the Adirondacks the best we could with the poor weather:

Exploring the Adirondack Museum

trying to be leaf peepers

G & G and I

DFH and I

loved our weekend.


  1. These are great photos! Thanks for sharing, sounds like a wonderful weekend.

  2. wow what beautiful photos. i didn't know there was such a term for checking out the fall foliage

  3. Aww what a fun weekend! I ADORE that backpack you are rocking. So fun. And thank you for adding a new term to my vocab! Leaf peeping. I love it.

  4. What amazing pictures just stunning!


  5. How beautiful! Looked like a wonderful weekend!

  6. So glad you had a great weekend!! I have never heard of the term but I can see why it would be popular, you took some really beautiful pictures!!