Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Trying To Get Fit

 With only a little more than 4 months to the big day it is time to get serious about getting fit. I said the same thing nearly two months ago, but I wouldn't say I got super serious. I can afford to lose a few lbs, however I mostly want to tone! Who doesn't want strong arms and a tight tummy on their wedding day ?!?!

I've always eaten pretty healthy during the week and try to eat low carb, but it's the weekends that get me! I just love food too much to go to a new restaurant and order a house salad. Blah! I also love wine too much to give it up either! We tried Paleo but was too lenient for it to do anything.

It is just not realistic for me to not indulge a bit on the weekends so I know for me I have to focus on fitness. The problem is I don't love or even like to really work out. haha.

I did however start Pure Barre and fell in love (I know I am likely the last person to get on that bandwagon) it is the only class I actually enjoy and it goes by so fast and I can definitely feel the burn the next day so it must be doing something.    The problem is, it hurts the pocketbook a bit and I can only do the bridal boot camp for so long so I need another form of exercise.

Can anyone recommend any good toning workouts ?? Has anyone tried the Pure Barre DVDs ??

What were your secrets to getting a bride bod ?

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  1. I love the Jillian Michael's 30 day shred video. It is only 20 mins long and combines strength, cardio, and abs. You can definitely feel and see results and it's doesn't take up a ton of time. I've been doing it to get ready for my wedding and I love it!