Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Garden State Wedding 2 of 2

At the end of June we ventured back to NJ for another high school friend's wedding.   The bride also went to our high school and grew up on a gorgeous farm with a beautiful barn and chickens. ( I don't know why, but I have a secret dream to have chickens which is strange since I am not a huge animal lover.)  The wedding was held in her parent's backyard.     NJ gets such a bad reputation, but it really deserves its nickname "the garden state" as so much of NJ is covered in farms and is quite rural, especially where we grew up.

The wedding was super casual and laid back just like the bride and groom. I loved how they had the bridal party parade from the bride's house into the circle of guests. 

The bride looked stunning, not anyone can pull off a backless wedding dress.  The whole day it looked like it was about to pour down rain, but luckily it held out for the ceremony and reception.  

There was a lot of barn dancing. 

Aren't these origami chandeliers beautiful?  I wanted to take one home. They symbolize good luck. 

The bride's parents own a local restaurant and the food was cooked outside right at the reception. It was incredible.

It is always so great to get to hang out with friends back home. 

Kate, Jess, and I 

One is never too old to wear glow necklaces.  

And what is better than a best man speech in glow stick glasses?


Such a fun weekend spent back in NJ. 

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