Friday, July 10, 2015

A Garden State Weekend #1


    A couple weekends ago we went back to New Jersey for our friends Luke and Alaina's wedding. Minus the terribly boring drive I always love New Jersey weddings because we get to visit with so many high school friends and also get to see our family while we back in the garden state.

  I was really excited to go home this time because my sister had gotten engaged the weekend earlier and I couldn't wait to celebrate with her and her fiancé.  

Friday during the day we visited with family before heading an hour north to the venue for the rehearsal.  Both DFH and I were super close with the groom in high school and still are today.     DFH was a groomsmen and I was coordinating their ceremony. My job was to make sure the families and bridal party went down the aisle at the right time. ( no, I'm not a wedding coordinator, but I may just add that to my resume). 

After the rehearsal and dinner we went back to my sister's house to celebrate their engagement.  JLP surprised me with this glass.

I am so honored and can't wait to start planning for the big day.  Obviously, we immediately filled the glass with some bubbly to start the celebrating. 


We enjoyed too much champagne and spent the night celebrating the bride and groom-to-be and catching up.  

Saturday JLP, her fiancé and I went to check out a wedding venue before it was time for the wedding. 

Groomsmen looking dapper before the ceremony.

DFH and I before the ceremony started. 

The wedding was beautiful and they could not have asked for better weather.  Everyone made it down the aisle and the bride and groom got married so my coordinating duties were a success in my book.  I may start moonlighting as a coordinator. Haha. 

Almost all of the high school friends from the wedding.  It still blows my mind that I have known some of these kids for 26 years.  Crazy. 

The wedding was at a conservatory.  The outside around the gazebo was covered in beautiful gardens and waterfalls and the inside was all windows and chandeliers.  

How cute are the bride and groom? 

Hubs and I cutting a rug. 

The ice luge... Amazing, but deadly. 

With the bride and groom. 

Some of the ladies. 

Clearly this was after a few ice luge shots.... Green carpet posing.  

It was such a fun weekend at home and we had the best time celebrating the Bride and Groom.

Happy Friday.  Fingers crossed that we finally have a weekend with sunshine.  

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