Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend Happenings.

How is it already Monday friends?? I blinked and the weekend was over.  Let the countdown until Friday begin.

On Friday my friends LES and ALV and I saw Rascal Flatts at one of the outdoor music venues in Pittsburgh.  Surprisingly it was the first time I had seen them live.  Rascal Flatts is one of the first country bands I ever liked and their music brings back so many memories of driving around with my friends from college. They played a lot of their older songs which I loved because I knew all the words. 

It was such a warm summer night and perfect for sitting in the grass with a beer and listening to live music. 

On Saturday it was HOT like really hot.  We went to our friend Aaron's clam jam clam bake and boy was it good.  The mussels and clams were some of the largest I had ever seen and he cooked everything outside on a fire pit.   I wish I had done some documenting.  We also had a "corn-off." NJ corn v. Ohio corn.  Aaron is from Ohio and believed they had the best corn where DFH and I thought otherwise and brought some corn from NJ.  The judges said it was a draw but obviously I think NJ was the real winner. 

We did some shotgunning.   #keepingitclassy

Clearly our shotgunning game is not as strong at age 31. 

 Some cornhole was played- the losers got pegged by water balloons.
The event was so much fun. 

After the clam jam we had another party to attend for our friend Libby's birthday.  

Then on Sunday we had lazy day of errands and TV. 

DFH and I have a quasi tradition that we like to make fun Sunday dinners, a little ode to the weekend.  Sometimes we treat ourselves to seafood or specialty pasta and sometimes we just have appetizers.  
This weeks pick was designed around the new cocktail plates I picked up.  I was like a child and couldn't wait to try out my new plates and so decided  picked up some Brie and Spanish meats at Trader Joe's.  The perfect meal choice for small plates. haha.

I had picked up these plates at anthropologie over the weekend. Are they not the cutest?! 

 I can't think of a better way to end a weekend then with beer, cheese, meats, and Master Chef.


  1. Sounds like a fun get together with friends! Lol at the shotgunning group pictures. I wouldn't even fool myself into trying to shot gun at age 31 as I'm sure it will come out of my nose! Good job accomplishing that one!

  2. It was hot in my area this weekend too, but it looks like you still managed to have a great time at your BBQ with friends. There is no way I could shot gun a beer now, I lost that ability after college ahhaha!

  3. What an awesome weekend! Your bbq looks like a blast! I went to a Rascal Flatts concert a few years ago and they are amazing live!