Friday, July 31, 2015

Five on Friday

Hello Friday, my love, we meet again.  This week actually flew by, which just means work is getting cray again. (Monkey covering his eyes emoji)

Here we go, linking up with A. Liz and Co. again. 

1.  The Nordstrom Sale:  Are you tired of hearing about this sale?!  I feel like everywhere I turn ( Facebook, blogs, friends) everyone is talking about it.  I'm not going to lie, this is the first year I have actually checked it out. I am not a huge Nordstrom clothes person and normally I am not ready to purchase fall clothes in July, but this year the picks I saw from various blogs were too good.  So I checked out the website and boy was I surprised.  The deals on fall clothes are money, like some items are 1/2 the price.   I mean how can you pass up new fall styles at such discounted prices and with free shipping I keep going back and finding more things. I need.  So far I have received my Zella Leggings and they are a serious legging game changer.  They are so comfy and the fact that they are long enough for my 34 inch inseam is just the bomb.
I'm telling you this sale is the real deal. Check it out you have until Sunday, before prices increase. 

2. Our new stainless appliances arrive tomorrow.  Hallelujah!! Good bye, cream colored rusted fridge. We still have a ways to go on our kitchen.  Lesson learned: doing the work ourselves is a slow process ( DFH says adding the stainless appliances right now is like putting new wheels on a 1988 Buick, but in my mind it is one step closer to bringing our kitchen out of the 80s.).   Right now we have half the wallpaper down and hopefully more will come down this weekend, it is so painful. 
Here is a shot from before we moved in the house. Gross.  I cannot wait until the room is done.

3.  Odd Mom Out: Have you guys watched this show on Bravo? It is a scripted comedy about a mom who just isn't quite like the other snobby Upper East Side moms.  It is hysterical.  It even got a few laughs out of DFH who pretty much wishes the Bravo channel would disappear.  Check it out On Demand.  

4.  Cat Friday: Just because I can't think of anything else. A picture of my favorite kitten.

5. Bauble Bar Sale: Why, Why, Why, when I'm trying not to spend money are there so many sales?  Bauble Bar is one of my fave places to get costume jewelry they always have great statement necklaces and the quality is awesome. Right now you can get 30% off using code: XMASINJULY.   How can one resist with these options?

Enjoy your weekend.

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