Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bare Feet

   Today I saw my first Daffodils of the season.  It reminded me that Spring is really almost here and warmer weather is on the way ( regardless of the fact that we had snow flurries today).    I think I am most excited to break out my spring and summer shoes, and to not have to wear a pair of Uggs or winter shoes for at least six months.   I cannot wait to be able a slip on a pair of flip flops ( after I get a much needed pedicure). 
   Here are some of my favorite spring and summer shoes.

   Rainbows are by far my most staple pair of flip flops, and they have been for years.  I love the way the leather ( after a bit of work) molds to your feet, and they last forever.
    Hint:  I have found the best/fastest way to mold my rainbows is by wearing them in the shower a few times, wetting the leather seems to help mold faster.  The only negative is that the leather stains the bottom of your feet for a few days, but its a much faster process to break in the flips.

   Jack Rogers:  These sandals come in great colors, I love the metallic silver and gold.  These sandals can dress up or down any outfit, and are look great with a sundress or even a pair of skinny jeans.   I don't know how they do it, but they look great with everything.

Sperrys:  These boat shoes are classic and also come in great colors, I love the gold ( can you tell I am really into metallics right now).  They are perfect casual shoes, and work well with both jeans and shorts, and look super cute even when you are not boating ;).

J. Crew Flops:  J. Crew offers great fabric and leather flops.  The fabric is a little more casual, and they have greta patterns, my favorite is the madras print.  The leather flops come in great colors as well, and are another staple flop, the skinny strap seems to look great on everyone.

   Flats:  I love all ballet flats ( anytime of the year), but I love spring and summer patterns and fabrics especially with a sundress or skirt.  J.Crew and Banana Republic always have a great flats collection.

What are your staple summer shoes?

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  1. I love the Tory Burch Reva Ballet Flats!! However, I can't wait to go get our pedicures and rock many of the above shoes :) Yay, spring!