Sunday, March 6, 2011

Turning Twenty Seven

    I cannot believe that today this girl is Twenty Seven years old, YIKES!

   As I stated in my previous POST about bangles and costume jewelry, as you can see I was a fan from a young age.

    I was not overly anxious to turn twenty seven, as I am now officially in my late twenties, I convinced myself that your mid-twenties consisted of 24, 25, 26, but there is no way that I can get around the fact that I am now a LATE twenties person, ughhh.  
    I wonder what things will change now that I am in my late twenties.  Is this time in your life when you make the transition from lip gloss to lip stick for daily use??  Do I need to stop watching Teen Mom and other MTV reality TV shows?  Am I too old to lay across the airplane seat and lay down if no one is sitting next to me?  Do I need to stop calling my mom just to tell her that I am sick, knowing that she will tell me to get oranges and OJ and drink plenty of fluids?

   Well for now I don't plan on making any major changes, and I am excited to see what this birth year brings?

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