Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm Running a Marathon ??!?!

  ...well actually a Marathon relay.    

   This May myself and four of my friends are running the Pittsburgh Marathon Relay.  I do not like running AT ALL, but I decided it would be the best way to force myself to go to the gym more than once in a blue moon, plus I 've heard the atmosphere marathon day is so fun with entertainment and live bands throughout the course.
    This is also an excuse to buy some new work out clothes, as it is important I look my best when running by thousands of people...right?!!!

     These Lilly Pulitzer yoga pants and patterned pink tank are perfect for spring workouts.

   I love the Paisley pattern also Lilly Pulitzer, the matching paisley band on the yoga pants is soo cute.

     I NEED these hot pink shoes, I love how hot pink the bottoms are....I think they will make me run faster.

   Nike Running shorts are always a staple...and they come in so many great colors.

   I am a HUGE HUGE ruffle fan,  and love this lululemon top, such a cute accent

     More lululemon ruffles...soo cute.   Thanks for the tip on the ruffles Steel Magnolia  !!!

  Plaid shorts for running...yes please!!!   Lululemon has so many cute designs right now.

    This Saucony zip is perfect for when it's a bit chilly out.

   Target always has great workout clothes at reasonable prices in a variety of colors as well.

What are your favorite work out clothes??

52 days to go!

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  1. I'm so loving those plaid shorts! I just did a post on my favorite spring lilly dresses you might like :)

    Prepster Royalty