Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sweet Valley High

   Remember these girls, Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield?

Growing up I loved Sweet Valley High, and Elizabeth was by far my favorite character.

We even had the game,which I think we played 1,000,000 times.  I always had to be Elizabeth and end up with my hunky boyfriend, Todd Wilkins.  My sister was always Jessica and my Mom always played the part of Enid, Elizabeth's best friend. 

The author of Sweet Valley High, Francine Pascal just released a new Sweet Valley High book, titled Sweet Valley Confidential, Ten Years Later....

         The author released this quote about the book:

"This is the first time in history that a kids' book has made the leap into adulthood. And it's a very difficult thing because the people who used to read the books are people of importance, they're grown adults, and they have a certain ownership of 'Sweet Valley' because it was their adolescence. With the new book I hoped not to outrage them and I don't think I have. But I think I have surprised them in a lot of ways and I hope I have touched them."  via Perez Hilton

   The book features the life of Jessica and Elizabeth and all the other characters at age twenty seven (just like moi!)  I am so excited to see where the characters are today!

Click HERE   to read an excerpt from the new book!

Were you a Sweet Valley High fan growing up?

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