Thursday, February 10, 2011

The More Bangles the Better

    I have always been a huge costume jewelry person, there are pictures of me from when I was young wearing layers and layers of costume jewelry.  I have however never been a huge every day costume bracelet person, I love costume necklaces, but for the most part I wear my same staple stud earrings and staple bracelets every day. 
      Don't get me wrong I have always loved them, and worn them when I got dressed up and went out,  but found when I did buy costume bracelets I didn't wear them as often as I planned.  I think it may be comfort thing, it takes a bit to get use to a large bangle hanging on your wrist.  In the past year I have become soo much better,  ever since the BF-DFH and a good friend KRL bought me some amazing Lilly bangles that I loved and wanted to wear  daily, and I have gotten into the habit of trying to wear bangles a lot more.  

       Recently, I have come across several bracelets that I LOVE, so I better get used to switching up my bangles on a daily basis.  Most of these are not too expensive for any boyfriends looking for a last minute Valentines Day gift or even anyone who is looking for a Valentine's Day for themselves, there is nothing wrong with loving yourself, I love any excuse to buy myself gifts :)

   The Kiel James Patrick bracelets make me so excited for Summer, they come in so many different colors and patterns, and are perfect to layer and would be perfect with a casual outfit.  I cannot decide if I like the roping or the cloth/silk better.  My favorite part is that you can pick the color of the button on your bracelet.

Lilly Pulitzer always has such great jewelry, I especially love this "Behind the Hedge" cuff that comes in a variety of colors.  I just think the color weaving against the gold bangle is so pretty.

  In General, I want every piece of Kate Spade jewelry she makes right now, I feel like it's oversized classic, if that makes sense, but anyways their bangles are awesome.  I love how all the bangles have a "secret" phrase on the inside.  It always makes wearing jewelry special when there is meaning behind it.  For example, as a new attorney I love the "Earn your Stripes" bracelet, it reminds me that all my hard work now will pay off in the long run.  
   And I am sure as most of you know I am OBSESSED with London, so when I saw I this London Calling bracelet, with the "Paint the Town Red" engraved on the inside, it went to the top of my "splurge list"  it would just remind me of my amazing experience abroad.

These Rachel Leigh Enamel Bow Bracelets would dress up or down any outfit and come in so many colors.  I want them all.  She has so many other great designs too.

Anything monogram is always classic and I have found that the Silver Goose carries great silver monogram options, for anyone looking for a staple piece. 

Hope these bracelets give you some great ideas.  What are your favorite bracelet designs??

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