Friday, February 4, 2011

Confession of #1 Steeler Fan K.H.

"For Super Bowl XL, I went back to Pittsburgh to be a part of the action. On Super Bowl Sunday, my sister and I went to church. The church was more crowded than it usually is on Christmas. All those Yinzers were trying to get in God’s good graces for the big game. So, Emily and I were standing in the back because there were no seats. Most of the church was filled with jerseys, Steelers t-shirts and black and gold. During the mass, the priest called all the kids up to the alter for a blessing. The last child in the line was being carried by his mom, wearing a Hines Ward jersey. He was probably 10 months old. When the baby got up to the alter, the priest didn’t just bless him, he held him up over the alter like in The Lion King. Everyone was clapping and cheering. Mind you, this is a Catholic church, not one of those new wave, multimedia, hip hop churches so this kind of reaction is a rarity. Or course, Emily and I started crying after this happened.

So, there is the story of my first tears cried on Super Bowl Sunday on that cold February 5th day. I went on to cry two more times before the game even started and the amount of tears that were shed after the game was won are indescribable.

Also, after braving the snow and finally making it down to the Southside, Mr. S was hit by a car while crossing the street. MADNESS! Don’t worry, he was fine. "  - K.H.

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  1. Lauren, I love your blog. Your mom gave it to's also a great way for me to get some gift ideas for you!
    Aunt Suzy