Saturday, February 26, 2011

Victory Beer Tasting

     Thursday night a group of us went to a Victory Beer Tasting at a local restaurant.  It was a really neat event, where you were served  a three course meal, each meal was served with a different beer pairing, and each course was also cooked using the beer in the recipe. 
    When served each course, the restaurant chef and the local beer distributor would discuss the beer and food pairing and give you a little background on the beer. 

   Baltic Thunder Porter

Roast Beast on Sourdough with Smoked Gouda 

   The Courses consisted of :

French Onion Soup, Bleu Cheese, Garlic Crouton
Victory Headwaters Pale Ale
Roast Beast on Sourdough, Smoked Gouda and Banana Pepper, Poutine
Victory Baltic Thunder Porter

                 Genuine Belgian Waffle, Banana Ice Cream
       Victory Golden Monkey

   It was definitely a fun and delicious way to enjoy both the beer and the food and you even got a souvenir Pint glass.  Everything was fantastic, but I think my favorite part out of all the courses were the  french fries with gravy and poutine aka fancy disco fries ( cheese fries and gravy)  --> See picture above.

   Victory Brewing Company is an Eastern, PA brewery, so it is always nice to support a small local brewer even some of the food, including the Poutine was locally made cheese, so it made the event even more worth it knowing you were supporting local businesses. 

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