Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Three Cheers for Beer

        DFH has talked about making beer FOREVER, so finally for Christmas I got him a beer making kit.  DFH is a bit of  a beer snob, he is not much of a Coors Light/Bud Light guy,  he prefers a dark beer specifically Belgian beers.  When researching beer kits, I found that most kits encouraged your first brew to be a light beer, as it was easier to make, but I knew DFH would be up for the challange so I settled on a Belgian Honey Sage. 

DFH and I had a lot of fun making the beer, DFH decided it would be a great idea to make our own recipce and add our own ingredients such as cinnamon to the beer, so I was a bit nervous about our first batch,

 DFH Mixing the Wort
The Wort mixture
 Straining the Wort

I was really nervous especially after it looked like this.

The beer sat like this for two weeks before it was bottled

But after one month, it was finally ready to taste test!

At first it did not smell too good, but I was surprised by the taste.  I wouldn't say it was the best beer I'd ever had, but it was not bad.  It had a citris taste almost like a Hoegaarden , I think it would have been best with a lemon. 

   It ended up being a success, I think we have some brewing in our future, it may be wine next.  CHEERS!!

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