Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A City in Mourning

 Although, Pittsburgh is normally cloudy and foggy during the winter months, the city seemed extra depressing after a Superbowl loss Sunday night.   As I stated in last Friday's post, Pittsburgh is a huge sports town, so many people took off work on Monday in anticipation of hopefully winning and celebrating.    Instead it appeared that many people stayed at home and in bed, as I went to work on Monday the sky was dark and gray and there was almost no one on the road.  The city was so quiet and almost ghostly, as if everyone was mourning the loss. 
   But you can't win them all, and hopefully the Pens will be able to pull through to the playoffs ( even with several injured players) in the next few months.

      Regardless of the loss, I had a great time on Sunday night.  A bunch of friends and I reserved some tables at a local bar/restaurant in the Southside where the streets are lined with bars.  The atmosphere was so fun, with the sidewalks covered in black and gold, people chanting, and cars honking, waving Steeler flags out of the window.  

This is myself, roomie ALV and some of her family sporting our City of ChampYINZ shirts that ALV cute!!!

Some pics of our group watching the game.

More pics soon to follow...

After the game, ALV and I had an adventure heading home taking public transportation and enjoyed a free restaurant buffet.  *No purchase necessarry*   so although a sad day for Pittsburgh, it was a fun day, and always great to get together with friends. 

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