Friday, February 4, 2011

Here We Go Steelers Here We Go!!!

As most of you know Pittsburgh is a huge sports town, and they sure love their Steelers.  In 2009 Sporting News Named Pittsburgh as the #1 Sports City in America.

    It's hard not to be a Pittsburgh fan living in this city where not only are all three teams (Steelers, Pens, and Pirates) colors black and gold, but even the fire hydrants are painted yellow/gold in  the city.  My friend K.H. who is a huge Pittsburgh fan and lived in Pittsburgh her whole life once told me that she thought ALL hydrants in America were painted yellow.

One of my favorite Pittsburgh Steeler fan stories happened a few weeks ago.  I watched the AFC Championship at DFH's house with some of his friends.  The Steelers were playing great during the first half.  One of his roommates J who had been watching the game at his parent's house came back home at halftime to watch the rest of the game with his friends.  During the 3rd quarter when the Steelers started playing poorly we all joked that he was bad luck and should go back and watch the remainder of the game at his parents house.  After a few more minutes of poor plays by the Steelers J received a phone call from his Mom telling him to come back to his parents house to watch the game because it was bad luck he wasn't there.  A few more bad plays later J left and returned to his parents house to watch the remainder of the game, and guess what the Steelers won, so we all know where J will be watching the Superbowl!!  

  I've never seen such die hard fans, and I don't know if it is the norm in other citys for Friday to be considered "Steeler dress down day" in the office in August-February where wearing Steeler Jerseys are encouraged even for some Attorneys in Court.  After working at a restaurant near Heinz field and PNC Park and meeting not only some of the players, but the crazy fans I  have seen some extreme sights as well as some extreme Steeler tattoos.   Here are some examples:

Last week while visiting my family in NYC they were not too happy that I would not be  rooting for the New York Jets( I grew up with a family that followed all  New York teams my whole life ), I've never been a huge sports follower, but after living in Pittsburgh for nearly five years and especially after working for nearly all Steeler and Pirates games as well as attending many of the local the sporting events including being in Pittsburgh for two super bowls, a Stanley Cup championship, as well as the Winter Classic it has turned me into quite the Black and Yellow fan.

For the last week any baby born in Pittsburgh was immediately wrapped in the Pittsburgh famous Terrible Towel. 

They even have a song entitled "Black and Yellow Black and Yellow" dedicate to the colors of the city.

So I think it's fair when living in such a crazy sports city for even a Jersey Girl to become a Pittsburgh fan.  So this Sunday I will be  sporting black and gold and waving my Terrible Towel Proudly...GO STEELERS!

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