Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Frat Collection

  A few weeks ago while reading College Prep I read her post about The Frat Collection, and instantly fell in love.  I immediately checked out their website and I  spent quite sometime mixing and matching shirt colors and pocket patterns.  Although I've been removed from the Frat/Sorority scene for a few years now, I adore these t-shirts.

   The Frat Collection allows you to pick your favorite t-shirt color and add your favorite pocket pattern to create your own custom Tee.  They have so many great patterns to chose from.  I (not surprisingly) am drawn to the seersucker an grosgrain pocket patterns.  I also love the polka dot.

  Another great thing about the Frat Collection is that they donate 10% of your purchase to the philanthropy of your choice.    Who doesn't love purchasing an item where the money goes to a great cause.

These shirts are perfect to throw on when it is a cool summer night.

What is your favorite tee / pocket pattern?


  1. I just love these! I feel like I can't buy cuties like this though....I'm non-greek so I would feel silly in one. But they are just so cute!

  2. ahh stop I'm in love!!! I HAVE to check these out!