Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Spice Up Your Life!

    I talk about cooking fairly often on the blog and I have also mentioned how DFH and I enjoy creating our own recipes which sometimes turn out restaurant quality and at other times the meal turns into an inedible mess ( not too often, but it certainly happens).    One of my favorite ways to jazz up a recipe or change the flavor is with spices.  It is amazing how a little Cajun seasoning when pan frying chicken can bring out so much flavor and crisp or adding a specialty salt to a soup can be a game changer. 

   Knowing my love for spices and cooking My aunt took me to The Savory Spice Shop in downtown Littleton while I was visiting her in Colorado this summer.  The whole store is full of any kind of  spice, rub, dip mix, etc. that you could possibly think of and probably a hundred more that you have never even thought of.   There were seasonings to make your own marinades and salad dressings, seasonings to make your own dips, or to put on popcorn.   My favorite part of Savory Spice Shop was that you can taste all of the spices and each bottle contains a list of suggested uses.  I also loved that you could purchase as little or as much of a spice as you wanted.  Spices can be expensive so it was nice I could try a 2 oz bag of a spice or seasoning before committing to a bottle depending on how much I used it.  

  Savory Spice Shop has locations all across America and you can also order online.  This is not a sponsored post, I just really enjoy their product and think they also make great gifts for the cook in your life.    I wanted to share my favorites with you.

 Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt:  I use this salt on pretty much a daily basis in the kitchen.  If you like smokey flavors this is the seasoning for you.  DFH and I add it to pork, fish and veggies to give it a smoked taste.  I have never used another spice that brings out so much smokiness. 

Supreme Shallot Salt: I put this on everything! Literally.  If you love the flavor of shallots you need to purchase this salt.  I add this to my dressing when making homemade salad dressing, I also love it on corn on the cob, raw veggies, and especially soups. 

Platte River Rib Rub:  I promise you this is for more than just ribs. We have added to rub to basically anything we bbq ( burgers, pork, ribs, wings, etc.)  Want to turn this rub into a sauce for marinading, just add a couple tablespoons of ketchup or tomato sauce and you are set. 

Smoky Hills Cheese Powder: This tastes out of this world in pastas.  Think Mac and Cheese.  I have also tried this on top of my popcorn.  Savory also recommends turning this into a dip by adding mayo and sour cream or adding this seasoning to potato salad. 

These four are my tried and true favorites, but I am dying to try so many of their other spices/seasonings.  Next on my list is Buffalo Bleu dip and dressing mix and the black pepper mint chocolate sugar.    The Brew Meister gift pack would also be perfect for DFH. 

 Check them out!

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