Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Year End Catch Up

Wow. My first post of 2015 and it is January 20th, not off to a good start.  Well, I guess I should start off and say Happy New Year, readers.  Here is what we have been up to since my last post one month ago....(cringe)!

On December 20, 2014 we celebrated our last wedding of the year for some of DFH's co-workers. 
In December DFH laid new tile in the little nook in between our kitchen and basement.  I cannot wait to have a mudroom. 

   We enjoyed decorating our new home for Christmas.  For our wedding we were given newlywed ornaments and we finally have the space to put them on their own special tree this year.
Our sunroom has the perfect space and window for our large Christmas tree.  We had an incident where our tree fell in the middle of the night shortly after we put it up.  I woke up to glass breaking at 4 am and was confident someone was breaking into our home.  Luckily it was only our tree and we didn't lose too many ornaments.  Once we put our tree back up it was a little crooked, but we weren't risking trying to straighten it again, and luckily it did not fall.
I finally framed our Christmas cards from the past three years.  It is so fun to look back each year.

My BFF ALV got engaged!! 

We had so much fun celebrating her and BS on the night of their engagement. 

ALV, LES, and I

We went home to NJ for Christmas and we were able to spend time with both our families.  This is the only picture I took the whole week.  We bought my sister and her boyfriend a corn hole set for their new home with each of their favorite football teams. 

DFH and I ended the year celebrating downtown with friends. 

LES and I

So far 2015 has been off to a great start. 


  1. i really like how you displayed your christmas cards with clothespins + a bow! i just might have to steal that idea next year :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. I love the idea of framing your past Christmas cards as decorations. I'm totally going to have to steal that!