Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Welcome to the Family!

  This past weekend, my family and I spent the weekend in sunny Florida for my Aunt Nancy's wedding.  Everything was beautiful, from the weather ( a nice change from cold cloudy Pittsburgh), the view, the company, and especially the bride and groom. 

It was so nice to be with my family, especially my extended family who I rarely get to see. 

JLP and I

The DeGraff ladies

Mom and Dad

The other newlyweds

My Aunt and now Uncle rented a beautiful home right on the beach with an amazing view and a great deck pool and hot tub included. 

 I had fun playing with the different functions on my new camera.

We did a Plate Family photo shoot

The Wedding was beautiful and perfect

The Groom and Groom's dad waiting for the Bride

 Brian starting the ceremony with a conch whistle

Here comes the Bride

The Sabins !!!!

Family looking on



Sisters <3

I loved the seafood setup

First dance

The Toast!

Loved the light-up glasses

bottoms up :)

JLP...So glamorous

Bloody Marys such a great way to end a fabulous weekend!
We had such a great time lounging, chatting, drinking, and eating.



  1. Lauren, I love this post. Your family is fabulous, just like you!