Tuesday, April 26, 2011


   As I discussed in my post about the Super Bowl, Pittsburgh LOVES its sport teams, and the Pens have again made the playoffs.

This is after the Pens won the Stanley Cup in 2009

   Growing up I never watched hockey, but since moving to Pittsburgh I have become a big hockey fan.  It is such a fast paced game, and so fun to watch, especially live.  Not surpringly, Pens fans love to show their support for the team. 

This is a coffin which reads "Dead Wings" attached to a motorcycle I saw when the Pens were playing the Red Wings in the Stanley Cup.

  One of my favorite spring activities in Pittsburgh is watching the Pens in the playoffs, it is usually finally warm outside and it is so fun to watch the games at a local bar.

They also set up a jumbotron outside of the stadium for fans to come watch the game.

Another playoff tradition is the "Beard-a-thon"  This is a NHL tradition and something both the Pens players AND fans participate in. If the Pens make the playoffs they shave for the very last time the day before the first playoff game, and they do not shave until they lose a game.  The beard-a-thon also acts as a fundraiser for the Mario Lemieux Foundation.

This year DFH decided to join in on the beard a thon.  The bad part, DFH is not allowed to have a beard at his job, only a mustache, so he looks like this:

As much as I am all about our Pens making it to the Stanley Cup I don't know if I can look at this for another two months.  Jokes!! ( Kinda)

Oh, well...LETS GO PENS!!!

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