Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cabin Fever

 February is here and so is my cabin fever. I find myself dreaming of the days of outdoor eating, pool lounging, and Jack Rogers.  The groundhog did say there would be an early spring....right?

Although hibernating on my couch all winter sounds pretty nice, I have found planning indoor activities helps the cabin fever, at least a little bit.   Here are some of my favorite winter activities to help keep my mind off the cold.

1. Ceramics Painting:

A few weeks ago ALV, KLS and I enjoyed a Friday evening at Color Me Mine a ceramic painting shop in Pittsburgh.  It is BYOB so we took full advantage by bringing in a few bottles of wine and a box of pizza. 

We had the best time eating, drinking, gossiping and painting.

The finished products.

My napkin holder

2. Catch An Indoor Concert or Show:

When I think about concerts, I think Summer, being outdoors, and tailgating. However there are so many great bands and shows that tour during the winter and it is usually in a smaller more intimate setting then in the summer.  You may have the chance to see a favorite band, up close!  I think if you look in the winter to see who is touring you will be surprised how many great shows there are.

This winter we have taken advantage of indoor tours with

Mr. Greengenes

The Lumineers

3.  Host a Dinner Party or Enjoy a Dinner out with Friends: 

I know, this idea is not very creative, however the winter is a great time to make plans with friends you never get to see.  Once spring comes with wedding season and vacations it's almost impossible to get all my friends together.  I feel like everyone has a lot less going on during the winter that it a lot easier to make plans.

4. Start A Club or Learn A New Hobby:

This sort of goes with the #3, it is a lot easier to get people together during the winter months.  It is also a lot easier to start a new hobby when you have the time to commit to it.  My craft group meets more often in the winter, because everyone is usually free and around.  We have a fabulous time crafting, chatting, and feasting.  Mostly chatting and feasting haha.  Two weeks ago KPW and I taught some of the members how to knit, and it reminded me how much I love to knit and how I still need to get back into it.


What do you do to beat the winter blues?

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  1. Ok now I want to go to one of those color me mine places! I did that last year with H for mother's day/father's day but maybe I'll make something for myself this time!