Thursday, February 28, 2013

DIY: Bathroom Striped Artwork

      For the past year I have felt that our bathroom walls looked unfinished. Every time I entered a Michael's or Marshall's I would search for the perfect picture or art to match our striped bathroom and  I would find nothing. Why does every picture that is supposed to go in a bathroom need to have a bathtub on it???

My friends and favorite craft buddies LES and KPW had been making their own attempt at  Cocoa and Hearts type designs and when I saw their final product I knew it was the perfect piece for my striped bathroom.

I lost all of my tutorial pictures, but it is pretty self explanatory.


1.   Oil based paint color of choice (found at Michael's)

2.   Paint brush ( You can make the stripes as thick or thin as you would like)

3.   Thick piece of paper

   Simply dip the brush into the paint make sure you have enough paint on the brush for a good clean brush stroke. It helps to practice a few times. Pull the paintbrush across the paper. Repeat with different colors.


The great thing about this project is you can use any colors or make it any size. Once framed, it can add the perfect pop to a room.

Bathroom pre-artwork:

The After:






  1. They look really cute! The bathroom is the hardest room for me to decorate, probably because its so tiny



  2. This is such a great idea, i mean easy to do and changes the room pretty dramatically!! Great Job!

    Emily @