Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Target Lately

    I think most people would agree that Target is one of those stores where you plan to run in for one item and you come out with a full cart.

Lately I have spotted so many amazing things that I'm pretty sure I should start buying some stock.

1. Last week I found these adorable polka dot cigar slippers on sale for $5.38.    They are almost too cute to just wear around the house.

2. Gummy Vitamin Heaven:

Yes. I am 28 and have trouble swallowing pills specifically horse sized vitamins.  A few weeks ago I walked into Target's vitamin aisle and came across  the largest selection  of gummy vitamins I had ever seen.  Normally grocery stores have just one kind of adult gummy vitamin, but Target had every kind of vitamin you could imagine in gummy form including Women's Multi, Omega 3, Vitamin B and D and the the list goes on.   It makes me even want to take more vitamins because gummy vitamins are that delicious

3. Milk Crates:

  Ok so sort of random, but these crates are perfect for leave out storage.  These would be adorable to store magazines or extra blankets. I love the rustic look of these crates.

4. Mossimo Striped Dress:
  How fabulous is this Mossimo striped dress I just picked up at Target which is perfect to wear to work with a blazer or also a night out.  I am loving the pleats and coral color.
What have you found at Target lately?

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