Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dogfish Head Tasting Tour

   Recently, DFH and I attended a Dogfish Head "A-Hop-Eclipse Now" Tasting Tour at a local restaurant.  As I've mentioned in past posts Dogfish Head is one of DFH's favorite beers, and we couldn't resist attending the five course Dogfish Head beer tasting and food pairing. 

The tasting was at the Bigelow Grille in Pittsburgh.  Bigelow Grille paired up with Wild Purveyors, a local farm to table company.  All of the food prepared that night came from local farms in the area.
All of the food courses also contained each beer we were trying that evening.
All of the Dogfish Head beers on tap.
Butler County Hanger Steak with Yukon Gold Potatoes with kale, barley, and hop salt.
Absolutely phenomenal. 

Above is one of the new Dogfish Head glasses, made specifically for drinking IPA Beers.  It is made by the glass company Reidel.  Just like Reidel's wine glasses this glass is very delicate.  One of the creators was present at the dinner, and it  was so interesting to hear all about how this glass was designed specifically for IPA beers.   We each got to take the glasses home as a souvenir.


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