Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Asking My Bridesmaids

      I am honored to be having seven fabulous women stand by my side on my wedding day. All of which have had a huge impact on my life and have been with me through thick and thin.

   Over Thanksgiving I asked my sister to be my Maid of Honor (MOH). She lives in NJ and I am in Pittsburgh and I knew I wanted to ask her in person. I arrived at my parent's house before she did and decorated her childhood room door with a sign that said, "Will You Be My Maid of Honor?" Inside her room I placed a photo collage and card I had made.

She was surprised......Success!!!
Posing with JLP's kitten Lily.

      I also knew I wanted to ask my other friends to be my bridesmaids in a special and unique way, but wanted it to be something that reminded them of me. I literally spent weeks reading blogs and searching Pinterest for a great idea.  Unfortunately, most of my bridesmaids live out of state so I knew I would need to do something I could put in the mail.  

    After a lot of thought I decided on monogrammed Tervis Tumblers with the Bridesmaid logo.   If you know me you know I am the Tervis queen. Both DFH and I use at least two on any given day for coffee and water. We have quite the Tervis collection including Tervis Tumblers with our college logos, sports logos, we have monogrammed Tervis Tumblers as well Tervis Tumblers we have picked up on different trips. 

Do I need anymore??

If you also know me, you know I love to monogram everything and anything possible. So I thought a monogrammed bridesmaid Tervis was the perfect personalized gift to give my potential bridesmaids that also reflected my personality.   

  I ordered six  16 oz. Bridesmaid Tervis Tumblers and one 16 oz. Maid of Honor Tervis.  I added each maid's monogram to the cup, and chose monogram/lid colors which I thought matched each girl's personality. 

Of course I had to order a monogrammed Bride Tervis for myself.
Once the monogrammed Tervis Tumblers arrived I wrapped them up and attached a piece of paper that said
"Will You Be My..."
 over the Bridesmaid logo

  I also attached a card I had written to each bridesmaid. 


Out they went....

and they all said yes !!

I am so lucky to have so many special women in my life and cannot wait for them to be a part of my Wedding Day. 


  1. This is adorable!! :) I didn't do anything cute like this for my bridesmaids, but I'll make it up to them with their gifts! :)

  2. How could they say no after getting your sweet and thoughtful gift!?! ;)

  3. I love the monogrammed tumblers. I'm also a complusive tumbler user...they work so great. Glad I found your blog. I love to talk all things fun!

  4. This is such a great idea! I would love to get a monogrammed Tervis. Haha. Hope you're having a great Thursday!