Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The "Before I Turn Thirty" Bucket List.

   As many of you know this month I turned 29.
 I still stutter when I say I am 29, it sounds so adult, but I've accepted it.

Hi, My name is Lauren and I am 29 years old ( almost thirty AHH!).

       In my head I've always had a mental life bucket list, that I've never written down, but could ramble off to you.  Things I would like to do in my life time, but know they may not be attainable right now. Many of them include travel,  such as traveling to all the continents, and visiting every state in America.  I want to visit a rain forest and go on a safari in South Africa, I want to see the pyramids, and attend Oktoberfest in Germany.  I want to one spend a night in an igloo hotel, go snowboarding west of the Mississippi, go whale watching, and see a whale.  I want to learn to surf, and re-learn to play the piano.  I want to have children and raise a happy and healthy family. I want to have a successful career and marriage and  I still want to be a contestant on the Price is Right.  This list goes on.

   I do hope to one day achieve all these goals, but I am also a NOW person.  This is probably one reason I am an attorney.  I like setting goals, and having deadlines, I like crossing things off my to do list and seeing the entire list crossed off.   Thus I have created my "Before I Turn Thirty" Bucket List.  At this point, I have 352 days left until my turning Thirty Bucket list deadline.  These are all goals I have not yet accomplished, but I believe I can achieve in a year, and so I present my list:


Lauren's Before I Turn Thirty Bucket List:

1. Get married ---> scheduled for October 2013

2. Buy a house

3. Go Skydiving

4. Learn to wear my contacts on a daily basis

5. Take an instructional make up class

6. Make my own sushi

7. Make my own wine

8. Make my own pasta

9. Travel to five new cities

10. Try five new foods

11.Ride in a hot air balloon

12. Do at least 5 random acts of kindness

13. Watch Gone With The Wind

14. Try at least 12 new restaurants with DFH

15. Cook at least one recipe from every cookbook I own

16. Learn to French Braid

17. Host a themed party

18. Host a dinner party

19. Make pizza dough from scratch

20. Decide on a signature scent

21. Finish watching all the seasons of Downton Abbey

22.Start a new tradition

23. Pickle something other than cucumbers

24. Frame my diplomas and decorate my work office

25. Read at least three "Classics" I 've never read before

26.Do at least two "Touristy" things in Pittsburgh

27. Appear in a movie or TV show as an extra

28. Learn to properly can jams/jelly's/sauces.

29. Successful grow and eat at least two new vegetables in our garden

30. Learn to get up earlier on a regular basis before work.

Let the countdown begin!

Do you have a bucket list?


  1. I posted a 28 in 28 last yea. It will be awesome to see how many goals you reach this year. I will gladly taste-test any and all homemades pizza, pasta, wine, and jellies!

  2. I just started my 101 in 1001 list at the beginning of this month! I'm excited to try new things and have some new experiences!


  3. I'll be 29 in July and it does seem crazy to say... I made a small list like this, but I need to add more stuff to it and actually do them!!