Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Honeymoon Help!?

  Blog world I need your help!

DFH and I have been researching honeymoon locations for the past few months and are having a hard time deciding where to go due to a few different issues. 

We are getting married in the middle of October and will be leaving for our Honeymoon the following week.  Both DFH and I are looking for a Honeymoon spot where we can lay on the beach and relax, and also do adventure activities and day trips.

We are nervous to go to the Caribbean due to Hurricane Season in October.  We were looking at Costa Rica and Belize, but it is their rainy season, although many websites recommend Belize in October. 

 We both love Europe, but it looks like even in South Spain and Italy it may not be warm enough to lay on the beach. 

We also want to avoid a honeymoon on the other side of the world.  As much as we would love to go to Fiji or Australia we both can only take a week off of work, and we don't want to waste half the trip on the airplane. 

   I would love to hear recommendations! Let me know where your favorite vacation or honeymoon spot is located!


  1. Hope you will link up to my new wedding linkup on friday!! :)

  2. We got married end of August and were forced to avoid the Carribean because of that too. We stayed to Zoetry Casa Del Mar which is about 30 minutes from Cabo and LOVED it. It is amazing, check it out on Tripadvisor. It was great bc the resort was super small and uber relaxing- no kids, wait service everywhere you looked and gorgeous. We also took a few day trips into Cabo but it was nice because the resort wasnt in the middle of the city. We also got free massages with our package.

  3. October is actually Bermuda's warm season and it is stunning there! Gorgeous hotels, very safe, golf, great shopping etc. It's literally like Europe and the US had a perfect child together-great aspects of both places. My parents got married in October and honey mooned there!

  4. Go south of the Caribbean -- Aruba and the islands off that northeastern coast of South America are MARVELOUS. I was in Aruba three weeks after Natalee Holloway disappeared, it was SUPER freaky, but the island itself and the people are wonderful.

    Or you can pull a Rihanna and go to Barbados! :)

  5. We got married in August and took our chances with Mexico. We also wanted somewhere we could lay on the beach, be pampered, do excursions if we felt like it, and wasn't too long to travel to. We bought the "cancel for any reason" insurance. While not ideal, we figured if we had to cancel because of weather we could always go somewhere local-ish trip (Nemacolin, etc.) and reschedule our trip for the spring when it's pretty much still winter in Pittsburgh--like now :)

    We stayed at Secrets Maroma Beach in Riviera Maya and it was seriously 100% amazing. It was like we were living in a little honeymoon bubble. Super easy to get to from Pittsburgh, too. Also, I recommend talking to Liberty Travel; they got us a great deal on our trip.

    Have fun planning!