Wednesday, November 13, 2013

DIY: Cork Letters

      DFH and I held our rehearsal dinner at a vineyard in New Jersey. The private room at the vineyard was actually a greenhouse that was lined with lemon, lime, and orange trees and when we first checked out the greenhouse space we fell in love with how unique it was and knew it was a perfect rehearsal dinner location.  It also didn't hurt that we both are a bit of wine-os

Although the space was awesome as is, I wanted to add some personal touches to the room. I had remembered seeing cork letters on Pinterest and thought that would be the perfect addition to our vineyard themed dinner. I immediately took to my Pinterest boards and headed to Michael's to get my supplies.

All you need are the following 

1. Wooden Letters (if you want the letters to stand on their own make sure you get flat bottomed letters)

2. Corks (I probably used about 100 corks for three letters)

3. Hot glue gun and glue 

Simply put some hot glue on one end of the cork and press it onto the letter for 5 seconds   It helps to arrange the corks first so you know how many your can fit on each row. 

Continue to hot glue the corks onto the letter until the letter is covered.

Let dry.

( Please excuse the mess in the picture above, it was taken a week before the wedding and we had crafts and supplies everywhere!!)
All the corks I used for this project have been from wines DFH and I have drank since we began living together.  I was shocked that I was actually a few corks short, although I only used the real corks so this didn't include our consumption of wine with plastic or twist off caps. 

This whole project only took me about 45 minutes.  I loved the way it came out and I love that we can keep it up in our house all year long.  


  1. I love this DIY, it turned out so well!


  2. So cute! We just got hurricane glasses for our dining table and have been putting used corks in the bottom as "decor". Meaning, we're going to horrify my mother in law next time she comes over :)