Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Favorite Gifts for Friends

     With Black Friday and Cyber Monday in just a few days I felt like it would be the perfect time to show you my favorite gift ideas for friends.  You never know what types of great deals companies will offer this week and it always helps to save a few dollars when holiday shopping.

     I always struggle with finding the perfect gifts for my friends.  Whether it be a hostess gift, birthday gift, or Christmas gift. I always obsess over choosing the gift as I want it to be thoughtful, useful but also unique.  It usually takes me days to actually bite the bullet and purchase something because I am worried I will find something better.  I know I am weird. 

     Anyways these gifts have all been gifts that I have gotten friends in the past and that as far as I am aware everyone has enjoyed them.  In addition all of these gifts can all be purchased for under $50.00.


1. Tervis Tumblers:

This is a tried-and-true amazing gift. I have about 13 tumblers and have given them as gifts for both family and friends.  I even asked my bridesmaids to be in my wedding using Tervis Tumblers.   They have a lifetime warranty and are great for both hot and cold drinks.  In my opinion one can never have enough. 

2. May Notes:



    These monogrammed note cards are the perfect personalized gift.  These cards are great because you can personalize the colors, font, and background design. I gave these to my bridesmaids as hostess thank you gifts and they came out super cute. 

3. C. Wonder jewels:

Who doesn't love receiving fun costume jewelry?   C. Wonder has a great selection of fun bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings and at a great price.  I always love receiving costume jewelry from others because it is fun to see what other people pick out for you 

4.  Coffee mugs:


Over the past few months I have seen so many cute coffee mugs. I love drinking my morning coffee in my favorite mug. I have received a few from friends over the past year  and every time I use them I think of them.

5.  Luggage Tags:



    If your friends are like mine then if seems like every week another friend is traveling somewhere around the world for vacation, weddings, or even with work.    When traveling especially on planes I always have bright colored tags on my luggage so that I can immediately spot my bags in the baggage claim.   Recently, I have come across so many cute luggage tags with great designs and colors. 



  1. I love the coffee mugs! Great gift suggestions!


  2. I love Tervis tumblers, like coffee mugs, you can never have enough.