Monday, November 25, 2013

Our Weekend

     This weekend was packed full of celebrations which I always love!  Friday night DFH and I stayed in knowing we had a ton going on the rest of the weekend.  
So this is what our Friday night looked like.
 Like Father like son.  

     Saturday we attended a friend's surprise 30th birthday party.  I always love parties but surprises are always the best. Our friend Kate hosted the surprise party for her husband Drew. She is so amazing, Kate had her baby only three weeks ago and was able to put together an amazing event. 
Riding in style to the surprise party.

How cute is this beer cap cake ALVs mom made for Drew. She is super talented. 

Surprise !!!
Some of the ladies waiting for Drew's arrival.
The happy family, I wish I had gotten a picture where Drew's eyes were open.

Sunday we attended Friendsgivig with another group of friends, and ate way too much food.  One of the couples brought a deep fryer to the party and I think we just about deep fried anything we could, pickles, mushrooms, turkey, and even Oreos.  Yum! I was in deep fried heaven.  I again failed to take any pictures.  I really need to work on that.
So nice to have a three day work week, I don't think eating all that fried food yesterday is going to help me run the Turkey Trot on Thursday.

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