Tuesday, July 29, 2014


            Back in June I flew to Charlotte to celebrate one of my college bffs 30th birthday.  

        I was nervous I wouldn't make it onto my flight to Charlotte because I had booked my flight in my married last name thinking I would have my license changed by the date of my flight, however on the day of my flight I still hadn't received my social security card so I couldn't change anything.  I had called the airline and explained the situation, but they refused to change my name on the ticket and just told me to bring my marriage license. 

   After showing TSA my marriage license and several proofs of identification I had to undergo a bag and full body search and then FINALLY they let me on the plane. Phew! 

     I couldn't wait to get to Charlotte, it is one of my favorite cities mostly because so many of my close college friends live there.  The same weekend My friend Jenna was flying in from Chicago and my friend Keegan was flying in from Los Angeles to celebrate the birthday girl. 

     On Friday night my flight was delayed so once I landed in Charlotte I headed directly to dinner to meet the girls for a Mexican feast at La Paz. I couldn't wait to devour some white queso dip. I still cannot understand why white queso dip is only sold in southern Mexican restaurants. Does anyone know the answer? 

     The rest of the night was low key and spent catching up over a few bottles of wine back at Falon's apartment. 

    Saturday was Falon's big 30th birthday celebration at VBGB a local beer garden. The place was so neat with a great outdoor area and of course great beer selection 

Jenna, Falon, me and Keegan before the party. 

I love that Charlotte is full of Elon alumni so it was so wonderful to catch up with so many friends from college. 

Elon girls. 

With the birthday girl. 

After leaving VBGB the birthday girl wanted to dance and that is just what we did. We headed to a local bar/club and danced the night away before calling it a night.

Sunday we recovered and  enjoyed a long delicious BBQ brunch at Midwood Smokehouse, before I knew it, it was already time to go to the airport.

And of course I couldn't leave NC without some Bojangles. 

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