Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Some Bubbly, Some Wallpaper, and New Couches

  I haven't talked much about our new home on the blog, I promise there will be lots of posts about all of our renovations.  We love the new house, but to be honest the process has been a lot slower then I thought.  As always things take longer then you think.  DFH and I always say we are going to come home and work on the house every night after work, yet many nights we get lazy and by the time we get home and workout and eat or run errands it is already after 9:00pm and nothing gets done.  So as soon as I have completed work to show you I will, I just don't think you want posts on all of our half completed work. 

   This past weekend however was one of the first weekends we were both in town since we moved so it was nice to have a full weekend to work on the house. 

 Our friend LES was so kind to come over and help us rip down wallpaper.  All day Saturday was spent tearing down this very 90's floral print in one of the bedrooms.

 While LES and I tackled the bedroom DFH was hard at work on the landscaping.  I don't have a before picture, but I will say that I am sure our house was the embarrassment of the neighborhood before DFH cleaned up the yard and added fresh mulch and planted flowers.  The front yard was completely overgrown with tall grass and leaves and three foot weeds, it needed a major makeover.  We finally purchased a lawnmower this weekend and I am sure our neighbors are grateful.  Luckily our next door neighbor had been kind enough to mow our lawn while we got situated in the house, I am sure he didn't enjoy looking at weeds and overgrown grass either. 

   Please ignore the porch and the stairs that is a whole other project. 

LES was so sweet and brought us some craft beer and champagne as a house warming gift.  Saturday also happened to be our nine month wedding anniversary so Saturday night we popped the bubbly and sat on our back deck enjoying each other's company and our new home. 

     On Sunday we ran errands to get some things for the house.  We also found some new couches which I am super psyched about.

  I have had plaid hand me down couches from my parents since law school, and have never wanted to invest in new ones until we had a house and knew what type of space we would have for furniture so we could buy a complete set.    If you have been following the blog for awhile or follow me on Instagram I am sure you have seen them, you can't miss the outdated green and maroon plaid. 

    Although I have been ready for new couches for years, I am going to miss these just a bit.  I have so many memories on these couches studying for law school, late night convos drinking wine with friends, friends from out of town sleeping over and lazy weekends watching movies and eating in front of the TV.  The stains of highlighter, pen, wine, and body indents show that they were well loved and used. 


RIP Plaid couches.   
We are home again this weekend so as long as we are productive I am hopeful I will have some home updates for you soon. 


  1. Taking things one at a time - I feel your pain though! I have 1,000,000 projects going on for our rental house.
    - Catherine,

  2. Oops! Sorry about some of those wine, pen and highlighter stains! Rest in peace, plaid couches, you and Bessie will remain in our hearts forever. #gonebutnotforgotten

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  4. Progress is progress even if it's slow!

    I love that couch but I am sure your new one will bring lots of new memories :)