Tuesday, July 15, 2014


One of my favorite summer activities in the summer is listening to live music, even better is a whole weekend of live music.   Over Memorial Day weekend we attended Delfest our favorite annual blue grass musical festival in Maryland.  DFH, LES and I hopped in our car on Friday after work and headed down to Maryland.  

We got in later then planned and set up our campsite for the weekend and then caught some live music at one of the stages. 


LES and I jamming out. 
( Sorry for the blur)

Our camp for the weekend 

On Saturday we woke up and took some Selfies while DFH cooked us breakfast. 
Our personal chef. 

Saturday was gorgeous and was hot enough to finally start wearing our summer dresses.  

DFH and I 

Delfest featured three stages with live music and vendors.  We spent both Saturday and Sunday at the main stage listing to some great music 

And catching some rays. 

Can't wait for next year. 


  1. My favorite post ever!! I love the photos - I didn't know we had so many DelFest pics!! Also, note that my legs are actually glowing in the catching rays photo. #sledforlife

  2. I would love to go to something like this! I haven't camped in years for camping with friends and listening to good music seems like the perfect summer activity