Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Bachelor Gift Idea

     DFH and I had planned for our bachelor and bachelorette parties to be the same weekend.  Mine was in Atlantic City and Long Beach Island and DFH was having all of his friends come to him for a weekend in Pittsburgh.

   I knew I wanted to get DFH a little something for his bachelor weekend so I decided to put together a box of goodies for DFH and his friends for the big night out and morning after.  Knowing boys, I knew they would probably forget to bring snacks and Gatorades, etc. to the hotel.  I took a crate and split it into two sides with cardboard. One side read "For Your Big Night Out". The other side read, "For Your Hangover."  

On the "Night Out: side of the crate I included:
1.Airplane bottles of alcohol
2.Playing cards
3.Energy drinks
4.Chips and candy
6.Shot glasses 
7.And lastly I included $3 in an envelope and labeled it "Stripper Money" as a joke 

On the "For Your Hangover" side of the crate I included: 
1. Ingredients for Bloody Marys
                    b.Bloody Mary mix 
2. Arizona Green Tea
3.A bottle of Aleve
5.And a bottle of Pepto

    Before I left for my bachelorette party I dropped the crate off at the hotel the boys were staying at and the hotel was nice enough to offer to bring the box to the room when the guys arrived the next day.  The crate was a huge hit!


  1. Cute idea! I would have loved to see his reaction when he saw the stripper money! lol

  2. This is such a great idea, I bet so many men would really appreciate this!