Monday, October 6, 2014

Pittsburgh Wedding Photos

  It is crazy to me that our one year wedding anniversary is this Sunday.  Time sure does fly by.  I wanted to finally recap the rest of our wedding events so I decided to dedicate my posts this week to our wedding. 

     I had previously blogged about one of our high school friends, Jacque who had taken wedding pictures of DFH and I the day after our wedding.  She is super talented and creative and we loved her work.  ( Any NJ brides reading this blog I would highly recommend Jacqueline Foxx Photography .) 
  Anyways, Jacque's brother lives in Pittsburgh and when she was visiting him a few months after our wedding she offered to take pictures of us in and around the city.   I was so excited to have some Pittsburgh wedding pictures as Pittsburgh is so special to DFH and I.  This is the city where we have created our life together, where we first started living together, where we got engaged, and where we bought our first house together. 

   I loved being able to put on my wedding dress again, although it was more than a little snug.  As we walked through the city cars honked at us and people clapped and showered us with congratulations thinking it was our actual wedding day.  It was fun reliving that special day. 

Isn't Pittsburgh's skyline incredible?!?!!


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