Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Our Honeymoon ( finally!)

    It is never too late for a recap right?!  Now that our one year wedding anniversary is less than one month away I figured I would start participating in Wedding Wednesdays and finally recap our wedding.  Except I am starting backwards with the honeymoon. 

    DFH and I left for our honeymoon a week after our wedding, which worked out perfectly for us.  We were married in NJ where our parents live so we didn't want to have to get up early on the Sunday morning after our wedding and drive back to Pittsburgh so we could catch a flight at the airport near our home.

    Instead we were able to enjoy our Sunday with friends and family and stay in a bed and breakfast on Sunday night before driving back to Pittsburgh on Monday.  We both went back to work from Tuesday-Friday and got caught up on work before leaving for our honeymoon that Saturday.  It was nice to go away with a clear head knowing we were both caught up on work, had time to repack and clean our apartment. 

   On Saturday morning we got up early for the airport and headed to Riviera Maya in Mexico.  We stayed at Secrets Maroma Beach an all inclusive and LOVED it.  We would highly highly recommend it.  The resort was gorgeous and we had amazing service.  It was 80% honeymooners and no kids.  We loved the variety of activities they offered.  I have stayed in a number of all inclusive resorts over the years and this was by far the nicest one and offered the biggest variety of restaurants and activities.  Think: Sushi making classes and wine tastings. 

Our private patio and swim up pool
Our first mail as Mr. and Mrs!
We lucked out with incredible weather. I loved the never ending pool and two person lounging chairs 

Our days were spent hanging by the pool 

And relaxing by the ocean 
Taking selfies 

And enjoying too many delicious frozen drinks 

At night we dressed up and ate at one of the fine dining restaurants and then usually would watch the nightly entertainment and then would end up at one of the outside bars.    Each restaurant had a different theme and the food and service was impeccable.   

On Wednesday of our honeymoon we got up before the sun to go on an excursion, as much as I hated getting up so early, witnessing this sunrise was so worth it. 
   We went to Chichen Itza which is one of the seven wonders of the world and is a city built by the Mayans.   ...Could we look more touristy??

 This structure was used as a giant calendar for the Mayans.  They would determine the time of day/time of year based on where the sun hit the pyramid.

On the way back to the resort we stopped at a cenote, which is a natural sinkhole.   The sinkhole was covered with jungle vines and the water was a rich turquoise color, it was beautiful. 

    The water was full of tiny catfish which was a bit frightening, but we were brave and jumped off the side and swam with the fish. 

The rest of the week was spent taking more selfies. 
Eating and drinking way too much.

Attempting to tan our pale pale skin

and hanging with our new friends.

   And of course we needed a photo with our honeymoon friends on the last night

Love these just married flip flops from my mom.

We were so sad for the honeymoon to end, we had to enjoy one more drink on the bar swings before we headed to the airport.
Don't you think every bar should start using swings as bar stools??

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