Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chalkboard EVERYTHING!!!!

   I have been meaning to make my own chalkboard FOREVER and  I finally did, and now I want to use chalkboard paint on everything.  It is so neat and fun to decorate. 

I have been in such a crafting mood lately and making the chalkboard was so easy. 

1. Start with an old frame, or buy a new one that matches the size you want for the chalkboard

2.  Measure the the size of the glass in the frame and go to your local hardware store to have a piece of plywood cut to fit.  ( or ALV purchased a frame with a canvas picture, and the canvas worked just as well as the wood)

3. Buy a primer ( preferably wood, if that's the base of your chalkboard ) and prime the side of the wood you plan to chalkboard. 

The primer drys fast, but I let it sit over night.

4.  Purchase chalkboard spray at your local Home Depot or Lowe's, and spray the base of the board until covered, you may need to do a few coats.   Let sit overnight.

5.  Fit the wood into the frame and decorate!

We also had an old plastic white table that was in our backyard and discolored/gross from the weather. 

I don't have a picture. but it looked sort of like this:

  It was the perfect height to fit in between our Adirondack chairs, but it looked super junky with all the weather stains.  We decided to try and chalkboard it to save the table, and it came out great!

It was such a quick inexpensive fix for the table, and now I want to chalkboard everything. 

Next, I really want to try to chalkboard the foot of the wine glass ( under the stem), that way everyone could write their name on the glass and it would act like a personalized wine charm.  ... Post to follow :)

Have you ever used Chalkboard spray?


  1. Oh, and don't let your mom throw away the frame while she is moving you...

  2. How cool! I've been in a DIY mood lately, so I'm loving your ideas. I've seen on Pinterest a lot of ideas for chalkboard paint!

  3. Awesome job! I just love fun projects!!! Thanks for the great ideas! Very cute!

  4. I love the chalk board table! Super cute, I have been wanting to to do some DIY projects!

  5. DV is allegedly buying a new frame for the canvas version (since she threw it away) because it is buckling.

  6. How fun! It would be so easy to do for various wedding decorations, if you like the frame of course!