Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Shooter Gear Bracelets

    While in Erie, DFH and I found a mini golf course near our hotel and we couldn't miss an opportunity to play mini golf near the water, ( I don't know why, but I feel like mini golfing while on vacation near a beach/lake is a must).

   At the mini course course shop I noticed these adorable bracelets that came in a variety of colors.  The bracelets were made from different colors of parachute cords.   I immediately wanted the bracelet and then loved it even more when the shop clerk informed me that the bracelets are custom made by the owner's daughter and that you can choose any two colors.  The clerk also let me try on a number of sample bracelets to make sure I got the right size. 
    I obviously opted for neon pink and orange, which I love!!!   The bracelet was made and sent to me the same week I ordered it at the golf course, and it is a perfect fit and so comfortable.  I also love how it looks next to other bracelets. 

  I think it would look super cute to stack a number of them together.

Check out more of the Shootergear designs  HERE  you can order right from their website as well. 


  1. Super cute!! Love the pink and blue color combination! Very unique!

  2. How cute is that bracelet! I am definitely going to have to buy one.


  3. Cute! It is nice to find something that is handmade :)