Monday, August 29, 2011

To Poncho or Not to Poncho?

How do you feel about these Poncho Hoodies?

Bobeau Sweatshirt Poncho: Nordstroms

I tried one on at Marshalls the other day, and I think I am kicking myself for not getting it.


Some are more "poncho-e" than others

LNA Poncho Sweatshirt: Saks

Giza Poncho Hoodie

But how perfect would this be to throw on in the fall ??

How do you feel about the poncho?


  1. I love the Jcrew one! I think ponchos just look so comfortable! I think if I found the right poncho I would totally rock the style! I love the laid back look of the Giza Poncho Hoodie!

  2. When Nordstrom had their pre-Fall sale, Mr. Smith's Mom asked us all what we wanted. I wished for a camel colored poncho...we'll see what Santa brings!

  3. I used to not be a fan but now they are growing on me. Some are really cute! I should check Marshalls. Thanks for the heads up :)

  4. Love it...looks so comfy!!
    Are you going to get one?
    Thanks for all of your recent comments on my blog too :) Much appreciated!
    Have an awesome week...!!

  5. I like the J Crew one a lot! Like, I-wish-I-didn't-know-it-existed a lot.

  6. I think on some people this can be such a chic look. However on me I look like I am in a potato sack and it looks awful.