Thursday, August 25, 2011

Taking On Irene

As most people are fleeing the East Coast to avoid Irene, DFH is headed down to OBX  in North Carolina today to vacation with friends.  Although, they are staying a couple hours away from the coast until the storm blows over, DFH aka Justin Case is more than prepared for the storm.

   In typical DFH fashion he is bringing any and all items you may need if you were caught in a disaster.  DFH is still a boyscout at heart, and I couldn't help but share his detailed list of items he is bringing: Just in Case:

1. The Justin Case: A family First Aid Kit

2. Backpack: True Story: DFH would not take a backpack that did not contain a chest strap for maximum protection in case of strong winds

3. Large Tea Lights

4. Two Emergency Blankets

5. Hooded Poncho

6. Swiss Army Knife

7.  Two Flashlights:

8. Hand warmers

9. Emergen-C

10. Batteries


11. Energy Bars:   Tiger's Milk is that like Tiger Blood?

12.  Glow Stick:  If Irene doesn't hit, DFH is ready to rave

   I think DFH is ready to take on Irene!
In all seriousness I do hope everyone stays safe and takes the necessary precautions to be prepared, and hopefully Irene will go out to sea and not cause any damage. 


  1. Wow, he is totally prepared! Good for him. I hope he doesn't need to use any of his emergency supplies!

  2. Way to be prepared, but let's hope he doesnt have to use any of that!

  3. Totally prepared!! Luckily we have a generator if power goes out... but I did stock up on wine and snacks.

  4. Good for you being prepared...nicely don! FUN blog!

    Liesl :)

  5. I actually knew a guy name Justin Case once, haha.