Thursday, August 18, 2011

Couponing ...Take Two....and goodies!

  Since my last fail of forgetting to bring my coupons out with me,  I have some positive news to report ( although I have no photos to show for my purchases).  

In my last shopping trip between my advantage card and coupons I saved $68.00 woo!   This definitely made me want to coupon more, I finally felt the rush those "extreme couponers" must feel, when the price continued to fall after coupons at the register.  Although I still cannot commit to the 40 hrs of couponing that most of the extremers did,  it made me want to continue cutting the coupons and attempting to save more.  I mean saving $68.00 in one trip, think about what I can buy with that money saved. 

I have to admit I do need to improve my coupon organization a bit, while we were shopping , I was rummaging through my coupon box, it was a bit unorganized trying to find coupons I knew I had as well as where to put the coupons I wanted to use v. not use.

DFH surprised me with a perfect monogrammed organization solution for couponing

It is flat and easily fits in my purse and also comes with labeling tabs to help keep me organized,

This little coupon clutch will be staying in my purse so that I not only don't forget my coupons, but now I will also label the different tabs so that I also can easily find them while shopping.

SO excited for more couponing with my Coupon "clutch"


  1. That clutch is tooo cute! Great job on saving so much money, I've never quite gotten the hang of couponing.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I wish I was better about coupons!

  3. DH is so sweet and thoughtful. And the monogram? Points!!

    You must share your couponing secrets, how did you save $68?!

  4. That is so cute! And congrats on the big savings!

  5. i love that little coupon clutch! i should get myself one of those....i always find myself running to a store i wasn't planning on and realizing the coupon is sitting on my desk.....