Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Mini Facelift

  After getting home from Vacation in OBX last week, I was anxious to frame some of our pictures from the trip and find good places for some of our vacation goodies we bought.  Little did I know that this would turn into wanting to re do entire walls and gardens. 

Often, when DFH and I travel we enjoy buying local art work, as a keepsake from our trips.  Unfortunately we did not find anything in OBX, but we found this post card which lists all of the OBX towns, it was the perfect size to frame in our apartment.  Luckily, I had a"beachy" frame at home to put it in. 

We also came home with this adorable frame, I needed to have.   I couldn't print my beach pictures fast enough to fill in the photo. 

    After completing these two projects, I felt antsy to change other areas in the apartment I felt needed a mini face lift.   You know that feeling where you feel the need to change things or move them around.

  After finishing these two projects, and changing random photo frames and moving things around on shelves to try and give the apartment a new look, I moved on to the wall in the dining area. 

( Ignore me in the photo, this is the wall I wanted to re do, and it is the only picture I have of it.)

The theme in our dining area is a wine/vineyard theme.  So this was the only wall that really didn't go, and was plain with only one picture on it.   We had just never got around to changing it. 

DFH and I have been purchasing wine glasses from vineyards we visit for the past few years, and still hadn't done anything with them.  So I finally wanted to get shelves to display them.

The After.

Some of our vineyard glasses. 

It is isn't a big change, but to me it makes the dining room come together so much more, and I no longer feel antsy to change it.

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