Monday, August 27, 2012

A Week in OBX

  I am finally just getting around to blogging about my vacation in OBX.
Only about a month late...oops! 
Better Late Then Never Right?!

We had such a fabulous week in OBX.  A group of DFH and my high school friends have been renting a house in OBX the last few years.  In previous years I have always had other obligations, so this was the first year I was able to go, and it was my first trip to OBX.

The house we rented was right across from the beach and had great views of the Ocean, which was perfect and made it easy to run back and forth from the beach to the house during the day, for lunch and or cold bevs.

Some of the guys show showing off their football skills

LH and AK made shirts and tie-dyed them for everyone, I love the way they came out.

 JM and I showing off our stripes. 

Posing with DFH and his VayCay Hat.

Boys being Boys.
The view from our house was gorgeous, especially around sunset time.
Posing, before enjoying a delicious seafood dinner.  Nothing beats, fresh seafood at the beach.
The sunset in Nags Heads, near the dunes and kites.

DFH and BB before dinner, so happy to be reunited.
  Most of our highschool friends live in NJ where we grew up, so it was so great to be able to enjoy a full week with everyone, who we rarely get to see.
We lucked out and had beautiful beach weather.

Enjoying our new neon rad.
JM and AK catching some rays.
The house had a pool in the backyard, which was a great escape when the beach got too hot.

This is my favorite picture from the whole week.  I think it looks like a band photo hahah.  Posing in our neon shades before a round of mini golf.

The mini golf crew.

On the last night LH and AK cooked us a delicious seafood feast.

The only benefit to getting up super early to miss the traffic leaving OBX, the gorgeous sunrise.



  1. Looks like an awesome time! I would kill to be at the beach right now.

  2. Looks like such an amazing time. I noticed everyone from Pittsburgh vacations at OBX.... I haven't been there I usually just go back to Michigan. xo

  3. I love OBX sunsets! We usually go over the Whalehead Club in Corolla and try to take pictures at sunset- so perf! Looks like an absolutely fabulous vacay- makes me want to go back to the beach for a week!

  4. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

    Love the's clear y'all had a blast! Lovin' the rad neon shades. :)

    We're so glad you chose the Outer Banks for your vacation.

    We'd love to help you plan your next OBX trip. Please let us know if we can help.

    Have fun!

    Seaside Vacations

    4820 N. Croatan Hwy
    Kitty Hawk, NC 27949
    (866) 884-0267

  5. I'm so happy you posted this! You're better than me- I still haven't posted my pictures. I had such an amazing week with you! Cheers to every year from now on! xoxo

  6. Looks like a very fun week! I spy some cute nautical stripe dressed :)