Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Monogram Wants.

As a monogram lover I am always on the look out for new fun monogrammed items.  I stumbled across these monogram cuff bracelets and think they are so cute.  They come in so many different fonts, colors, and designs.  I love that you customize so many parts of the bracelet.  I think they could really add some pop to an outfit. 

These t-shirts are similar to The Frat Collection t-shirts I have been eyeing up all summer, but monogrammed.  Even better. 

How fabulous are these Nike Monogram shorts?  They even make me excited to work out....Not really.  But I would, just so that I could wear these shorts.

I have always wanted to get a monogram  decal sticker for my car.  Not a large one, but just a small sticker that I could add to the side window. 

Lately, I've also seen so many great DIY craft products using these stickers, that I am tempted to buy a few of them.

I love the way the decal sticker looks on this bucket and adds some color.   Perfect to store magazines or mail.

I also love the way the decal looks on the mirror, such a creative way to decorate an old mirror. 

I have also seen people add the decals to water bottles and planners.  Such a great, cheap way to personalize items.


As my favorite girl Reese says, My rule is if it's not moving- Monogram It!

So...Monogram away.


  1. I am in the most awkward monogram situation and all of these pics make me want to run out and monogram that you-know-what out of everything! I just cannot seem to spend the time or money to do so when I only have this monogram for 9 more months! I cannot WAIT to put my new one on EVERYTHING! First things first- must monogram my Norts!