Friday, August 31, 2012

The Bloody Mary Experience

      Lets be honest, if you are like me, nothing beats a delicious Bloody Mary with all the fixins' for weekend brunch. 

Exhibit A: Last weekend.
I prefer to put everything, but the kitchen sink in my Bloody to the point that it is a complete well balanced meal. 
I'm always super disappointed when I go out for brunch and order a bloody and it is just vodka and Bloody Mary mix, it is just not the same....rookie mistake.
  In my next life, I would love to open a Bloody Mary bar that would allow customers to make their own bloodys, with a wide variety of options, the possibilities are literally endless.
I think I learned my Bloody Mary talents from my Dad, who is the resident Bloody Mary maker at our  house. 
In my opinion a Bloody Mary is not complete without the following
1. Spicy Bloody Mary Mix
2. Vodka
3. LOTS of horseradish
4. Worshchestire Sauce
5. Pickle Juice
6. Lemon Juice
7. Olives
8. A healthy stalk of celery
9. Pepper
The best part about a Bloody Mary is so many random condiments and spices can go in it to give it different flavors.  Some of my favorite specialty ingredients I like to add are:
1. Bleu cheese crumbles
2. Old Bay Rim
3. Shrimp on the rim
4. Clam juice
5. Guinness
6. Steak Sauce
You really can't go wrong, no matter what you do. 
The more horseradish and the thicker the Bloody Mary the better.
 I am off to the beach for the long weekend, and I look forward to enjoying a delicious bloody. 
See you on Tuesday!


  1. I've never actually tried one..on my to do list!

  2. Awesome! My girl friends and I are planning to go to the beach next weekend, and your recipe pretty much answered our Bloody Mary cravings for brunch. Do you have extra tips just so we won’t waste too much ingredients experimenting on the taste?

    Rachell Mckitrick