Saturday, February 4, 2012

Are You Ready for Some Football?

   Although the Steelers are out of the Superbowl, I was born and raised in New York and New Jersey, so I am rooting on the NY Giants this weekend. 

I am excited to get together with friends for the game and cheer on the Giants.  Usually the food is one of the highlights of going to Superbowl parties, and as usual Pinterest had some fabulous  snack ideas for the Superbowl I wanted to share:

I love this Pizza idea.

Corona and Blue Moon Cupcakes...interesting?

Perfect with a beer.

Football crab dip...super cute how the pretzels make up the football strings


This isn't really Superbowl related, but such a fun idea for a party, instead of using a tray.

The perfect ending.

What are your favorite Superbowl snacks.


  1. My favorite thing about the Super Bowl is definitely the food! I just made mini piggy in the blankets to bring to my friend's this afternoon. I cannot wait to feast :)

  2. I pinned that football pizza last night, I love it!!