Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A very country family reunion.

   Most of my family lives in New Jersey or New York, which makes NYC an ideal place to meet for a little family reunion.  

We headed to Hill Country a fabulous little family style BBQ restaurant that had live music.

We had everything from pork sliders, and brisket, to baked beans, and mac and cheese


It is always great and so fun spending time with my cousins, aunts and uncles

We ended the night at Raw's roof top bar, where we had a great view of the Empire State Building lit up in NY Giants colors.

Sunday we ended the weekend by enjoying a delicious family brunch at The Smith

The Kids

Girl Cousins

Great weekend with family.


  1. Aww! That looks like such a great weekend from that delicious food to the beautiful view from the bar!!

  2. OMG Hill Country is across the street from my office! I just had to double take at that picture haha :)

  3. JCW is obsessed w/ Hill Country BBQ as well as Hill Country Chicken...looks like a lot of fun! xx

  4. I am drooling--I love good barbecue and of course mac-n-cheese!! I love your color block top!

  5. What a fun time with your family!

  6. Love that colorblock dress/top! Such pretty colors!

  7. I am starving and all of that southern food is making me drool! So yummy looking!